Understanding Racism through the eyes of Clarence Thomas

I initially read this New Yorker profile on Clarence Thomas last year, but it’s been stuck in my mind ever since. So much so I had to read it again this week – I cannot remember reading an article twice in this way before, where I thought about it so much that I had to […]

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[Warriors] And with the second pick…

As the Warriors on Wednesday, if I could trade down slightly, I’d go for Obi Toppin, last year’s college player of the year, and another asset (veteran cog). From The Athletic: The best pick-and-roll big in the draft. An absolute monster athlete in terms of explosiveness. Great speed for his size, and it’s really tough […]


“Representation Matters” on Netflix

This echoes my feeling on holidays – if you need a collection to specifically show that representation matters, that means it doesn’t. There isn’t a “White Masters” collection anywhere.


25 Years of eBay

More like 21 for me. But eBay sent this fun visual breakdown of my history on the site:

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What does it take to finish Old La Honda in 20 minutes?

The simple answer: An FTP above 4.0 watts/kg. Old La Honda in Woodside is one of the Bay Area’s benchmark climbs: long enough to make you hurt but short enough where it’s not truly an endurance climb. Nonetheless, it sees like the climb that everyone competes on to have a reference point against everyone else. […]