Developing a Fear of God

On December 31st 2021, one year ago, our home narrowly escaped the worst fire in Colorado history. Above is a map of how close we were, surrounded on multiple sides. Six weeks later, we decided to move back to California to be close to family and also take advantage of reduced supply in the housing market. The latter part didn’t work out so well, but I consider myself fortunate nonetheless.

Finally: Cheap Prescription Cycling Sunglasses with Optical Factor

I’ve been searching for more affordable good prescription cycling glasses online for years. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many cycling glasses that support prescription lenses. Even for those that do, only a few places will actually make prescriptions. For glasses that have prescription inserts, I could never find a place that would only do the inserts; even if you found the sunglasses on sale, you couldn’t find a place to just provide the lens inserts.

The end result is that such glasses and lens combinations end up being well over $300. I’ve been against paying this because 1) it’s a lot of money 2) I didn’t know whether I would like the glasses. As far as I knew, there weren’t many places to try them for a ride. This was just too much risk for me, not even accounting for the fact that prescriptions change.

My past solution was to buy prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical for under $70. Not amazing, not as “cool” looking as your typical wide frame full coverage cycling sunglasses, but they worked reasonably fine.

My Zenni Optical sunglasses (no longer being sold, find current models here):

Cycling glasses from Zenni Optical

Compared to the sexy Oakley Jawbreaker.

Oakley Jawbreaker

But now I’ve found a real cheap, better looking alternative, these Luke Prescription Cycling Sport Sunglasses Kit frames from Optical Factor.

I got both variations with prescription lenses for under $100. That’s me above trying them out on a very light family ride over the weekend. They held up well in those non-stressing conditions. I’m not going to claim some amazing optical clarity that the likes of Oakley claim, but I have previously owned an expensive Oakley Juliet that I was never impressed by.

Two pairs for $100 – I have no regrets getting these so far as an experiment. Other notes:

  • It took about two weeks to get the glasses manufactured and delivered from China.
  • There is no customer support. Don’t even bother reaching out. Since I paid with a credit card that has purchase protection, I was ready to attempt a reversal if this had been a scam, but they came through.
  • You can basically get the glasses flush to your eye ball, there isn’t a bridge to prevent them from getting too close.
  • You get pretty good horizontal and vertical wrap-around coverage.
  • They are very light.
  • The frames pick up fingerprints easily.

Real World People Trading in non-Sports Environments.

Blinken did not offer details on the proposed deal outlined to the Russians, but a source familiar with the matter said the U.S. government has offered to trade convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout for Whelan and Griner.

United States offers deal to Russia for release of WNBA star Brittney Griner

But what about the salary cap ramifications? Or, could we throw in future weapons (to be named later) considerations?

Indiana Pacers Draft 2022 Thoughts

I think the Pacers have to be all in on Jaden Ivey:

  • Indiana doesn’t care about the Pacers. Ivey’s an electric home-state player, both growing up in Indiana and going to Purdue. Basketball is a business. Give hope and excitement back to the fans.
  • The Kings are saying they are ok to stay put. That’s because they want a bounty in trades. Duh. Find a way to move Brogdon to get another asset for the Kings to say yes. Will you have to overpay? Probably. But star-level talent is expensive. The Pacers have already seen what very good talent (Sabonis, Turner, etc.) looks like. You don’t win big or draw fans without true stars. Fans can respect the risk.
  • Is Ivey a point guard? No. Play him at shooting guard so he can play like Iverson or Russell Westbrook. Haliburton is a great compliment, and both also have the physical ability to guard either position. Duarte + McConnell make great backups. Your backcourt is set, go figure out the rest.