Keep Calm and Joe Panik [T-Shirt Design, Christmas Gift Ideas]

My Keep Calm and Joe Panik Shirt DesignMy Keep Calm and Joe Panik Shirt Design

During the World Series broadcasts, I saw a Keep Calm sign related to Joe Panik, and it inspired me to “design” (I don’t know what other word to use) a shirt for it. It’s a Christmas gift to myself! I thought having a long sleeved black shirt would be a great complement to wear under a Giants jersey – you can wear it straight up, but if you are at the ball park, you wear a jersey over it to be warmer and somewhat recreate this look (see shorter sleeves and black undershirt underneath jersey):

NY Daily News: San Francisco Giants rookie star from NY, Joe Panik, is a big hit

I couldn’t use the official San Francisco Giants font, but the orange color matches relatively well. The “12” (Panik’s number) on the back does match the Giants jersey font, found at I put a World Series trophy (to celebrate 2014!) on top in replacement of the typical “Keep Calm” crown. By the way, the origins of Keep Calm are really interesting, I had to read up to make sure I wasn’t doing something in violation of a trademark.

Here’s the real life version that I received:

What do you think? (If you like it, you can order this design at Thanks to Kim, Ha, Emil, and Midland for the feedback on the design!

A Summer Night in the Minor Leagues (San Jose Giants)

Last night, Midland (above left), Mike (right), and I all went to see the San Jose Giants, the A Minor League Baseball Team at Municipal Stadium. For just $11-$16, you can watch the potential future stars of the San Francisco Giants. On this night, we saw former #1 draft pick Chris Stratton pitch what was likely his best game at the pro level. Steven Okert, who was just named a California League All-Star, got the save, but we actually left during the 9th as the temperature dropped to the low 60’s with a slight wind coming in.

It was a fun, relaxing time, and for a few hours it felt like we were in a small town, just hanging out. (By the way, I recently watched Sugar, and it’s great film at showing life in the minor leagues. It’s not a documentary, but it feels so honest that it easily could be).

What I enjoyed most about the game was the proximity to the field. Even the general admission seats are within 10 rows and it’s nice to see things in so much detail. Particularly, you can really sense the pitching speed, how difficult it must be to try to hit a baseball. To sit as close at a San Francisco Giants game could easily cost 10 times the amount.

As for food, definitely check out Super Churro Man (the positive reviews are deserved!) – churros are $3 each. These came out nice, warm, and moist. Turkey Mike’s, however, was not so great, and a bit expensive (BBQ dinner set was $18, and small water bottles were $3.50 each).

For more photos, see below or my Smugmug gallery.