Trying out LucidCam and the YouTube VR180 Format

I’ve been playing with a LucidCam recently as part of my work. LucidCam’s is a really easy way to start taking 180 degree VR content, both with photos and videos. Just turn it on, choose a media mode, and then point and press the “shutter” button to shoot. There’s no viewfinder, though you can enable one through your phone if you tether it to the camera via a direct wifi connection.

The 180 degree lenses basically takes away the need to focus – as LucidCam says, you can “capture moments from your perspective”, which just means you can capture everything (technically more) your eyes see, so there’s no need to spend time framing a shot.

Below is a playlist of some bike rides I took this week in the South Bay (you can view in 180 degree 3D with a VR headset like the Google Daydream one). The first set of videos is from an evening commute ride from Apple in Cupertino to Mountain View, the second set is an early morning ride through Palo Alto and Los Altos.

The Best of City Slam Chicago [Photos]

Ha and I went to City Slam Chicago a couple of weekends ago. It was held at Seward Park, which was also the setting for this Uncle Drew / Kyrie Irving / Pepsi commercial below:

I won’t spoil the winner for you (it will be aired on TV in late July), but here are some of the best photos Ha took of the event, with judges like Doug McDermott of the Chicago Bulls judging.

One last photo of the park with downtown Chicago in the background:

Ending the First Summer of the Revamped and (Redesigned) Kellogg MMM Program

“It depends” – Marketing Management with Eyal Maoz

“Little League” – Program Management with Mark Werwath

“Are we good?” – Accounting for Management Decision Making with Daniel Aobdia

“Take a Peeky Poo” – Business Analytics with Brett Saraniti

I (and perhaps some others here) have to admit that I did not quite know what to expect with the new Kellogg MMM Program. This was the first time the MMM Program would start in the summer, adding an extra quarter to our workload. The Masters in Engineering Management degree (a larger focus on Operations) was also changing to a Masters in Design Innovation (a larger focus on Product Innovation and Product Management).

Now in our final week of this first quarter, preparing for finals and KWEST (Holland, here I come!), there is an excitement for what’s next in our Design Thinking-focused curriculum. I am left with the four quotes above, playful reminders from each of our four classes this summer. Many in the MMM program are looking to be product-focused managers for the next steps of our careers, and I can already tell that the MMM program is going to be the perfect training ground for us to fine-tune the instincts needed to succeed at the next level of technology.

From Professor Eyal Maoz showing just how easy it is to design an amazing product when you can reduce the “degrees of freedom” to Professor Mark Werwath discussing how hard it can be to launch that product within organizations even when you have, our summer has simultaneously been a fruitful, stressful, and highly (ahem) social start (like visiting the super famous and soon-to-be-closed Hot Doug’s with program mates – see photo above! Do visit there if you can, it’s great and well worth the 1.5 hr wait in line as you try to squeeze a meal in before your next group meeting!) to Kellogg within this accelerated summer quarter.  What I appreciate most so far is being able to spend the first 2 months slowly getting acclimated to Evanston with 59 other brilliant people. It’s hard to imagine what it will be like in September when the full Northwestern and Kellogg student body arrive and the Jacobs building and every meeting room inside it is constantly booked.

Stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated!

[note: I originally wrote this in the middle of August, during our summer quarter finals – this post can also be seen in edited format on the official Kellogg blog:]

Crazy Kellogg Costumes for KWEST

When you’re at Kellogg, one thing you cannot avoid is Costume Parties. Perhaps this is a big American thing that I missed out on after spending nearly 8 years overseas, but it’s surprising how many students brought costumes with them, ready for the seemingly weekly costume parties.

In particular, Kellogg LOVES neon. I do not know why, but I have heard that this is definitely more of a Kellogg trend than a MBA or American costume one. Also, Kellogg students would have tended to write this blog title as Krazy Kellogg Kostumes for Kwest but I try to avoid any type of multiple K acronyms for likely-obvious reasons. Plus, since I’m part of the MMM program, and part of Michael Musical Mondays for the MMM program, letter-repetition acronym craziness is already rampant.

Right now, I’m biking in the Netherlands, but I wrote this last week, during finals. I’ve never really done costumes before, but really wanted to do something fun for KWEST, which are student-run trips all over the world welcoming many Kellogg students to their first experience of Kellogg. I also like to think of it is the ultimate baller-life preview to the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, while it’s not free (nowhere near), KWEST is often told as the time you make your best friends at Kellogg. Trip mates are affectionately called Kwesties.

So that’s happening for me, right now.

But here’s what I prepared for the three costume parties we were told about.

3 Themes:

1. Wig

2. Begins with K (I did Kansas City Chief / Leon Sandcastle / Deion Sanders)

3. Star (I did Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants)

Leon Sandcastle was a character played by Deion Sanders as he tries to re-enter the NFL after he realizes no one knows about his football greatness anymore. Here’s a commercial from a couple of years ago:

The NFL ended up selling Sandcastle’s jersey. I’m a huge collector of sports jerseys, and doing a costume of something that began with K was just an excuse to go looking for new jerseys. Kansas City is the only significant sports city with K (Yes, I looked). I didn’t think of Leon Sandcastle at first, I was just looking at for Clearance jerseys when I saw it. My eyes lit up when my size (small) was the only one left. Unfortunately, they were in fact out of stock after all and I thought I had to give up the dream. I thought of doing Seattle Sonics legend Shawn Kemp for a few days, but I had really loved the idea of Sandcastle with his afro. Fortunately, I had posted my problem on a jersey forum and a nice member there actually called and told me he knew where he could get me one, and he got it for me, no extra price. A truly awesome guy. Total price was $65 (originally retailed for $110).

To complete the look, I bought Under Armour armbands ($9), compression long sleeve top and compression bottom ($20 * 2), wig ($8), and facial hair / moustache ($5).

For Patrick Star, I got some ideas from Kim and Ha about how to do it. I didn’t want to do a real costume or a 1 piece, but wanted components I could use for real life. I ended up getting a salmon shirt (looks slightly orange in the photo) for $10, along with this Patrick Star Crochet Hat for $30 and bright green board shorts for $17. The board shorts / swimming trunks were something I had in a different color already and are great for swimming.

To give my Afro another use, I wanted to be Stretch / Dr. J / Old School NYC Basketball Player from NBA Street, but I couldn’t find the right NYC / basketball vintage shirt to go with the Afro. I did get some nice sweat / track pants for the future though: Champion Men’s Retro Rugby Pant. I think eventually I’ll find the right shirt – a vintage Harlem Globetrotters shirt might do the trick too.


Champion Men's Retro Rugby Pant, Oxford Gray, Small

What do you think? How did I do?