How to Shoot Like Klay Thompson of the Warriors [Sports Illustrated]

Want to shoot like Klay Thompson (or Stephen Curry) of the Warriors? Some tips from Klay to show you how, courtesy of Sports Illustrated. (You can also see Klay in slow-motion to study his form above)

[Edit: Oct 7th, 2015: Another option is to buy the ShotTracker, the shot tracking device Thompson endorses]

Every time Thompson shoots, he envisions water going from his toes all the way up to his fingertips. “It’s something my dad taught me when I was young,” he says. “Explode from your feet and try to have a fluid motion all the way to your follow-through.”

…elbow in (A), toes pointing toward the basket (B), ball released from forehead height, just to the right of the temple (C). After release, Thompson pretends he’s reaching up and into a cookie jar, an age-old way to ensure good follow-through (D).

Shot Class: Klay Thompson's ABCs of Swish

I also read something from Working at the Ballpark that added insight. In it, a baseball batting coach mentions how in batting or shooting a basketball you have to be in a loaded position. In baseball, that means you go backwards and then spring forward with your swing to launch the ball – you do not simply attack the ball. He mentioned this for basketball as well, and that makes a lot of sense when you watch Klay Thompson. When you watch him shoot, he doesn’t bring the ball up and then launch, he actually pulls the ball back towards his head and then launches it forward, like a catapult.

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