Pro Shot Shooting System [Basketball Training Review]

Recommendation After over a decade of trying different ways to shoot, reading tips, training with different devices, the Pro Shot Shooting System is the only thing I recommend for experienced shooters (not necessarily great ones, just those who are more mature / set in mechanics and in their playing). It is completely free and resulted … Continue reading Pro Shot Shooting System [Basketball Training Review]

Unique Sports Dribble Specs [Basketball Training Review]

Recommendation The Unique Sports Dribble Specs is worth purchasing. For less than $10, you get an easy to use device that, while unfashionable to wear, makes sure you cannot look at the ball while dribbling. From my experience, this is great for removing your dependency on looking at the ball, and is especially helpful for … Continue reading Unique Sports Dribble Specs [Basketball Training Review]

Dribblepro Basketball Training Ball [Review]

Recommendation The Dribblepro (or Dribble Pro) Basketball Training Ball, both from Spalding and its black and red version are worth purchasing to improve your in-game dribbling. While the ball is supposed to help your dribbling, rebounding, and shooting, I think its value is more on the dribbling side, and for under $30, the black and … Continue reading Dribblepro Basketball Training Ball [Review]

ShotTracker [Basketball Trainer Review]

Recommendation If you want simple data to track your shooting efficiency, ShotTracker delivers on that promise. However, do not expect it to track your actual shooting location (it sounds like ShotTracker’s new partnership with Spalding and Decawave will deliver that, and likely at a much more expensive price point). In addition, ShotTracker is a bit … Continue reading ShotTracker [Basketball Trainer Review]

Guarantee3 Basketball Trainer [Review]

Recommendation Although the Guarantee3 Basketball Trainer has multiple uses, from my experience, it is not worth purchasing if your focus is on improving your shooting range. In addition, I encountered major durability issues in the product. I am guessing that my overall wrist / arm strength has improved from using the Guarantee 3 over three … Continue reading Guarantee3 Basketball Trainer [Review]