Yelp – Please Know Yourself

What is Yelp?

From Yelp itself, it’s “Our purpose: To connect people with great local businesses“.

This sounds good to me. So when I visited the Yelp home page today to…connect with a great local business, I saw this screen with a great photo.Yelp Home

It looked like a great place to go and thus intrigued, I clicked on the venue name to learn more and perhaps go there for lunch.

It turns out Yeite Cafe is in Argentina. WTF, Yelp. Unless you’re trying to sell me a vacation package (16 hour flight from the San Francisco Bay Area) to go to Buenos Aires, why would you show me this? What can I do about it? Is Yelp a long-term destination planning tool? I thought it was a give-some-recommendations, I-want-to-act-now type of tool.

Yelp’s Product Managers are wasting a huge above-the-fold opportunity, creating poor outcomes for users.

Yelp, know yourself.

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