Keep Calm and Joe Panik [T-Shirt Design, Christmas Gift Ideas]

My Keep Calm and Joe Panik Shirt DesignMy Keep Calm and Joe Panik Shirt Design

During the World Series broadcasts, I saw a Keep Calm sign related to Joe Panik, and it inspired me to “design” (I don’t know what other word to use) a shirt for it. It’s a Christmas gift to myself! I thought having a long sleeved black shirt would be a great complement to wear under a Giants jersey – you can wear it straight up, but if you are at the ball park, you wear a jersey over it to be warmer and somewhat recreate this look (see shorter sleeves and black undershirt underneath jersey):

NY Daily News: San Francisco Giants rookie star from NY, Joe Panik, is a big hit

I couldn’t use the official San Francisco Giants font, but the orange color matches relatively well. The “12” (Panik’s number) on the back does match the Giants jersey font, found at I put a World Series trophy (to celebrate 2014!) on top in replacement of the typical “Keep Calm” crown. By the way, the origins of Keep Calm are really interesting, I had to read up to make sure I wasn’t doing something in violation of a trademark.

Here’s the real life version that I received:

What do you think? (If you like it, you can order this design at Thanks to Kim, Ha, Emil, and Midland for the feedback on the design!

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