The Solution to the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

imageFloyd Mayweather may enjoy taunting Manny Pacquiao, but I wonder if he creates all these barriers to a fight because deep down, he does have some doubt and he wants to make sure he gets paid for the risk. Mayweather has come up with all the reasons to not fight, first drugs then (his own) jail time, and throughout all of this he has wanted a significantly higher share of the fight pot than Pacquiao.

I think there’s a simple solution, however: Winner Takes All.

Alright, if that’s too low, how about $1M USD guaranteed for both, and the rest goes to the winner.

If Pacquiao made such an offer in public, could Mayweather refuse? The most lucrative fight ever was last year’s Mayweather vs Canelo fight at nearly $150M USD. This fight would definitely reach that figure, perhaps it could even reach $200M? Imagine if that’s how the fight was marketed, “Mayweather versus Pacquiao for $200 MILLION DOLLARS”. I think a casual fan would be more inclined to watch if that were the messaging.

What if you threw in a knockout bonus? Pacquiao hasn’t knocked anyone out in five years. Mayweather is known for defensive boxing. An extra $10M to the winner, if he wins by knockout. Wouldn’t even more people watch this?

You announce it, do a Showtime special series for both camps in which the boxers, trainers, and wags (wives and girlfriends) all talk trash about the other camp for six straight months and then you do the fight during Christmas weekend 2015. At the same time, invite every famous boxer to pitch in with their thoughts and give them all front row tickets to the match, like a Hall of Fame fight before the lords of boxing (MORTAL KOMBAT!). Build up that hate for six months in the public, get everyone to take sides (doesn’t this sound like a presidential election) and then unleash the knockout bonus.

Wouldn’t you watch this? I would!

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