Should I Live in McManus? 10 Thing to Know [Kellogg, Housing]

I’ve been in McManus for 3 and a half months now, having arrived in late June to begin the Kellogg two year MMM Program. Here are some thing to know if you are considering it:

1) Its location is excellent. You are probably closer to class than at least 80% of the other students. You are also downtown. Going to JT’s, an Evanston bar favorite, takes a two minute walk. Same for at least 10 food places. Burger King is across the street (1 minute walk) and open 24 hours a day. That might be considered a bad thing, but remember the location when you are walking through the ice cold snow in the winters – I already appreciate being in McManus. Whole Foods is across the street as well, 20 minutes closer than any other supermarket. Unless you have a car or a bike that can transport a lot of stuff, you may suck up the higher prices in order for time convenience.

2) The residents here are primarily international students and is made up exclusively of Northwestern Kellogg MBA students.

3) Pricing is simple, reasonable, and inclusive. Electricity (including heating and AC) and utility bills are included along with basic furniture. Everything large that you might need, including your own table, desk, and cabinets are included. I pay less than $1,000 a month and share a twin studio (no living room) that comes with bathroom and kitchen. This is not an undergrad dorm. Plus, no deposits.

4) Sound isolation is great – if you have ever lived in building with thin walls, you will understand. In general, I rarely hear anything from neighbors and thus far, have never felt bothered by noise, other than from one weekend party that was over by 10PM.

5) For your summer internship after your first year (if you are not staying in the Chicago area), or if you take an exchange trip abroad during your second year, you can put your stuff in storage and not pay rent while you’re gone. Great for avoiding the hassles of subletting. There’s a lot of flexibility in housing options. For example, I was able to transfer to a single apartment starting January.

6) All entrances require keys to get in, with the normal entrance requiring 3 key swipes to get to your room. You can feel reasonably safe.

7) Janet Olsen (Housing Coordinator) and Marisa Ann De Rose (Program Assistant, Residential Services) are great. I’ve asked them a lot of questions and they have consistently been responsive and helpful.

8) if you own a bike, you may want to keep it in your apartment. Bike racks are available, but they are in the very front of the buildings, and I have heard multiple stories of theft. Underground car parking is available (with parking pass).

9) There’s a social area on the ground floor with a large screen tv, couches, ping pong and foosball tables. There are also study rooms on each floor as well as a printing/copy room on the ground floor – I promise you will love this when you realize what a pain it is to print at school.

10) While there is a small gym, you will want to avoid it. The laundry room, however, is great, affordable, and electronic savvy. It costs $1 per load to use the drier or washer, you can pay by credit card It’s free, and you can check machine status online.

If you have any questions about what it’s like to live here, ask away!

More photos from my apartment below.

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