Ending the First Summer of the Revamped and (Redesigned) Kellogg MMM Program

“It depends” – Marketing Management with Eyal Maoz

“Little League” – Program Management with Mark Werwath

“Are we good?” – Accounting for Management Decision Making with Daniel Aobdia

“Take a Peeky Poo” – Business Analytics with Brett Saraniti

I (and perhaps some others here) have to admit that I did not quite know what to expect with the new Kellogg MMM Program. This was the first time the MMM Program would start in the summer, adding an extra quarter to our workload. The Masters in Engineering Management degree (a larger focus on Operations) was also changing to a Masters in Design Innovation (a larger focus on Product Innovation and Product Management).

Now in our final week of this first quarter, preparing for finals and KWEST (Holland, here I come!), there is an excitement for what’s next in our Design Thinking-focused curriculum. I am left with the four quotes above, playful reminders from each of our four classes this summer. Many in the MMM program are looking to be product-focused managers for the next steps of our careers, and I can already tell that the MMM program is going to be the perfect training ground for us to fine-tune the instincts needed to succeed at the next level of technology.

From Professor Eyal Maoz showing just how easy it is to design an amazing product when you can reduce the “degrees of freedom” to Professor Mark Werwath discussing how hard it can be to launch that product within organizations even when you have, our summer has simultaneously been a fruitful, stressful, and highly (ahem) social start (like visiting the super famous and soon-to-be-closed Hot Doug’s with program mates – see photo above! Do visit there if you can, it’s great and well worth the 1.5 hr wait in line as you try to squeeze a meal in before your next group meeting!) to Kellogg within this accelerated summer quarter.  What I appreciate most so far is being able to spend the first 2 months slowly getting acclimated to Evanston with 59 other brilliant people. It’s hard to imagine what it will be like in September when the full Northwestern and Kellogg student body arrive and the Jacobs building and every meeting room inside it is constantly booked.

Stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated!

[note: I originally wrote this in the middle of August, during our summer quarter finals – this post can also be seen in edited format on the official Kellogg blog: http://kelloggmbastudents.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/my-first-summer-in-the-revamped-and-redesigned-mmm-program/]

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