If I am Shown on TV, Why Can’t I Buy a Clip of It? [Business Ideas]

I like to buy personalized experience souvenirs. I know that doesn’t make me special – just go to any tourist spot and see the people who want to sell a photo of you, make a caricature of you with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, etc. You might think of a photo from a camera that flashes when you’re about to go down a steep incline of a scary roller coaster ride.

This applies to sporting events as well. For example, check out this photo taken with me and Mike and Midland at a Golden State Warriors gave nearly 5 years ago:


At the Warriors game, you could have your photo taken, and then see it online for free or purchase a nice large glossy version for a price (probably $10 as I remember) after the game. What could have improved this photo as a souvenir was the date and a game recap (highest scorer, winning team, etc.).

But why can’t you do this for video, when you’re shown on TV? If you are at a sporting event, this could be when the camera pans over your section, you are featured on the kiss-cam, or you catch a foul ball. With so much video being captured now and the relative ease of seat tracking (in sports, it’s normal to follow and track player movements and then capture that activity into data), it should be somewhat easy to know which seats are being shown in each piece of video content. Thus would mean automated, yet new revenue opportunities after the initial investment to set up the sales platform.

I don’t have a sports example of myself, but let’s see this example of my parents on Jimmy Fallon:

(My parents are shown at the end). To get this footage, Jeff watched the show on Hulu and manually recorded the appropriate section. However, for most people, they would never be able to figure this out on their own nor would they have access to the content.

To optimize sales conversion, you would need to track contact information based on seating. Unlike the roller coaster ride, in which I visit the photo booth after I ride and pick photos, there is no easy way to set this up at the ballpark. Instead it would be better if you could email the user or contact the user directly on his/her phone, such as with the official team app. If you have linked your tickets with the team app (you essentially check in), when your seat is recognized as being shown in the video, you would be alerted and then allowed to preview it and purchase the clip directly from the app.

You would not want to ask people to come by at the end of the game as it would be too inconvenient (I want to go home!).

A clip of something nice such as the kiss-cam or interacting with a player will have more relative value and can be tagged at a higher price. Beyond that , delivery can be digital (which is virtually free for the sports team) or can be packaged into a nice gift (think of a San Francisco Giants USB drive). If you are a season ticket fan, perhaps you would be allowed to load up on the drive over multiple uses for no additional cost.

I also think you should be able to purchase a game’s highlights for games that you attend. I like to download games or keep newspapers of games that I attend so it’s easier to remember the experiences that I have seen live. I am not sure if I will ever review them again, but it’s nice to have, and I think fans would enjoy having those collections in both physical and digital formats.

What do you think? Do you enjoy personalized memories? What can sporting teams and events do more to capture revenue beyond ticket and food sales?

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