Learning about my Interests, Motivations and Skills through my CareerLeader Profile [MBA, Kellogg]

As part of preparation for incoming Kellogg students, I was asked to develop my profile on CareerLeader. It was an enlightening process, and gives me some things to consider while moving forward. Here are my results:

My Interests:



Will my interests and scores change over time?

Research shows that by young adulthood, individual patterns of interest are set and remain consistent over time. You may become even more interested in activities you have strong interests in now, and less interested in activities you aren’t interested in now. But, the pattern of your scores is unlikely to change substantially.





This is a measure of your perception of your skill versus the perception that other people have of their own skill. While self-confidence is a powerful predictor of actual performance, we recommend that you also ask for feedback from other people who are able to assess your skills.



With the items listed above, each has subcomponents of which I feel strong in (able to make decisions) and not as strong (negotiator, motivating others, convincing others).


Above are the careers I may be best suited for. I can’t disagree with the assessed interest in physical and digital product development. After all, I did write this 4,300 word article on basketball training wearables. With my double degree MBA and Design Innovation program at Kellogg, I am also hoping to major in Marketing as Kellogg is generally considered the best Marketing program in the world and I also need to better understand how to sell any product I work on. Incidentally, I started on this path at Cyworld, and led our team to the largest social media marketing contracts to date in Vietnam.

If you happen to know me, I wonder how much you agree with these assessments. Let me know!

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