The Basketball (Don’t Call it a) Comeback

I’ve played basketball twice in the last one and a half years, and now that I am moving to Chicago this summer, I think it’s time for me to return to the game. With the time off, I want to accept my shortcomings but also maturize (made this word up) my game to transition to the “old-man at the Y” years.

(the photo to the left is from 2007, I am chasing the ball handler)

First, when I return to the US in late May, I will have a few weeks to work out, get the dribble and shot (somewhat) alive again.

Then, I resolve (!) to:

  1. Play less like Harrison Barnes – as in make quick decisions. When I get the ball, I either shoot, pass, or dribble drive right away (and the shoot or pass). No holding the ball, then start dribbling after a few seconds. Go! Go! Go!
  2. Shoot quickly, on the way up. Like Stephen Curry. I will need to practice this a bit in the US. Get rid of the ball! Stop getting blocked so much! Work to rediscover my right-side-of the-backboard finishing skills.
  3. Play with less consciousness – stop beating myself up for mistakes. Just play.

This is my commitment to USA Basketball. USA! USA!

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