Buying Football Jerseys for Cheap in Madrid, Spain

If you are looking for where to buy a Spain-inspired football (soccer) souvenir like a club or national team jersey (shirts) while in Madrid, check out a Deportes Halcon. I absolutely love collecting jerseys, but only ones at a good price, and I found a good keepsake of my travels in Spain.

Ha and I each got Adidas Spain National Team jerseys (Climacool) on clearance for 20 euros each ($28). These jerseys normally retail for $80 and over.

Ha’s 2013 Spain jersey with 2010 FIFA World Cup champions patch:

I got an authentic Spain jersey as well, but mine was a 2012 jersey celebrating Spain’s second consecutive Euro win:

Other items, such as this current year’s Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid jerseys and jackets were on sale for 30% off (Teams are about to release next year’s jerseys). In doing more research, I found reviews of this shop in Spanish on Yelp, with Google Translate testifying that Deportes Halcon is a considered a great shop for well priced and discounted sports clothes and gear.

Below is a storefront picture of the one nearby Ha’s apartment in Salamanca.


For more locations, check out below or their official website.


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